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-NOW AVAILABLE:  The Re-Release of the 4900 Series R-30-4/5/6 PFE Reefers.

  • KIT 4901:  R-30-6 Reefer, Original, PFE              $34.00
  • KIT 4902:  R-30-4 Reefer, Original, PFE              $34.00
  • KIT 4903:  R-30-5 Reefer, Original, PFE              $34.00
  • KIT 4952:  R-30-4 Reefer, Safety App, PFE         $34.00
  • KIT 4953:  R-30-5 Reefer, Safety App, PFE         $34.00


NEW TO THE WEBSITE!  Please see our Newest Pages:  DETAIL PARTS and LIST OF KITS BY RR-PDF Files.  The Detail Parts Page lists all the parts available on our Website and some of the Custom parts available.  The LIST of KITS BY RR-PDF Page has Downloadable PDF files that cover each section of the alphabet for our List of Kits by Railroad Pages.  NEW LIST OF WESTERFIELD KITS BY RAILROAD NAME!  Now you can look up your favorite railroad and see what Kits made by Westerfield Models are available.

Our Modelers Photo Album is now Set up.  Please check out our Modelers Photo Page and have a look at the many fine model photographs that several people have sent in.  If you would like to have your model photo included in our album, please send it to our email:

We are also working on some other new pages.  Please check out our Custom Model Builders Page, Truck Reference Page, Model Suppliers Link Page, and RPM & Modeler Society Page.



Four New Kits are available now:  AT&SF Sk-M & Sk-O Convertible Double Deck Stock Cars, both in Original (K Brake) and Modernized (AB Brake) versions.  Both Cars were built by Pullman; The Sk-M in 1916 as series 68100-68599, 500 cars; The Sk-O in 1923 as series 67600-68099, 500 cars.   Both versions were modified with AB brakes in the 1940's, with the Sk-M lasting until 1960 and the Sk-O lasting until 1971.  Kits include a complete history and proprietary decals but are less trucks and couplers.  Price $41.00 plus shipping.

Available Now:

  • KIT 12201:  Sk-M Conv DD Stock Car, K Brake, AT&SF
  • KIT 12251:  Sk-M Conv DD Stock Car, AB Brakes, AT&SF
  • KIT 12301:  Sk-O Conv DD Stock Car, K Brake, AT&SF
  • KIT 12351:  Sk-O Conv DD Stock Car, AB Brakes, AT&SF

Shown above:  Pilot Model of AT&SF Sk-M, built by Charlie Slater.

Shown above:  Pilot model of AT&SF Sk-O, built by Charlie Slater.


All Three Versions of the Rock Island Stock Car Now Available!

Kit #12101, R.I. Stock Car. Priced at $37.00 plus shipping. This car was converted from the B-2 Box car and has a Hutchins roof.

Kit #12102, R.I. Stock Car, Single Deck, Murphy XLA Roof, Priced at $37 plus shipping.

Kit #12103, R.I. Stock Car, Single Deck, Single Board Wood Roof, Priced at $37 plus shipping.


We will be attending the San Bernardino RPM on March 29, 2014 at the Historic AT&SF Depot in San Bernardino, CA!  We hope to see you there!

We will post our plans for attending future shows here.

We really enjoyed attending the 2014 Cocoa Beach Prototype Rails RPM. We also enjoyed meeting all of you who came by our table. Thank you!


We are also re-releasing several kit series that have been out of production:

  • 5100 HR Hopper Car, N&W
  • 11500 Sk.L/N/P Caswell Stock Car, 4 Versions, AT&SF

Several other kit series are not currently available as they are undergoing repairs:  11000

We are committed to maintaining the high quality products that you have come to expect from Westerfield Models.  Thank you. 


Please feel free to send photos of Westerfield models you have built or comments. Your photos will be placed in our website photo gallery. Please email them to



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The Westerfield site is always available so that modelers can see expanded photos of the completed cars.


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We submitted some kits to Al Westerfield for his inspection. This is what he had to say about our work:

"The new owner of Westerfield Models has submitted several kits for my inspection. The castings were excellent and all the parts, decals and instructions were present. I have no hesitation in recommending the kits. Andrew Dahm is continuing the quality you have come to expect from the Westerfield line of model railroad products."